Wealth Management

OPPCO Savings & Loans Limited has spun off its international activities. This is now the website of the spun off and new international OPPCO SavingsWealth Management & Loans. (The new OPPCO Savings & Loans has also changed business form as the new company is a trust.) Under New Zealand law, Financial Services delivered outside of New Zealand by New Zealand entities do not require registration with the financial service provider registry.

New Zealand had recently become concerned about FSPs that were registered to provide financial services in New Zealand but were mainly operating internationally. New Zealand was concerned that this would give the false impression that these entities’ foreign activities were regulated by New Zealand, when in fact they were not. In order to co-operate with New Zealand’s concerns OPPCO Savings & Loans, Limited spun off all of its foreign activities into this newly formed New Zealand foreign trust – OPPCO Savings & Loans, Limited will continue to handle New Zealand only business, and OPPCO Savings & Loans will handle all of the offshore to New Zealand business. The new entity that contains all of OPPCO Savings & Loans, Limited’s foreign operations is retaining the name – OPPCO Savings & Loans – and this website.

As the new international OPPCO Savings & Loans, we want to make it clear that 1) we no longer will be doing any financial service business in New Zealand itself or with New Zealanders; 2) Because we are no longer doing any financial service business in New Zealand or with New Zealanders we are not required to register on the New Zealand FSP Registry for the financial services that we deliver;  3) we have no intentions to do financial service business in New Zealand or with New Zealanders or to seek FSP registration in the future; and 4) we can still deliver all of the financial services we were delivering to international clients as before.* OPPCO Savings & Loans, Limited that is registered as FSP61601 and does business in New Zealand has changed its name to NZ OSL Services Limited so as not to cause any confusion between entities and will continue to deliver financial services only in New Zealand.

OPPCO SAVINGS & LOANS specializes in a variety of services for wealth management. We help both wealthy individuals and companies worldwide to mange their funds and to “internationalize” to protect wealth, maximize opportunity and expand cash flow and asset base. OPPCO SAVINGS & LOANS also helps companies achieve public listings of their stock on the GXG Markets Exchange and numerous other market worldwide in order to assist its clients in creating corporate wealth and wealth for the corporation’s shareholders


* Applies to New Zealand only. Worldwide, local laws would determine the services we can deliver in your locality. Financial Service Business in New Zealand means financial services that would be required to register on the New Zealand Financial Service Providers Register.